We believe when the playwright’s words, the actors’ emotional and physical embodiment, the director’s all-around vision, and the audience’s collective psyche all come together - it forms a complete circle.

Vision Statement:

  • To foster new playwrights, as well as produce plays that have been forgotten and plays that deserve another chance, in the not-for-profit setting. 

  • To give life to the playwright’s vision through a heightened sense of the physical life – a movement vocabulary, which includes the observance of small everyday gestures and their meanings - thus creating a shorthand to the audience’s own experiences. 

  • To look at theatre as a dance of life, a full-bodied performance that ebbs and flows and reaches out in all directions at once.

  • To integrate movement, music, voice and images in such a way as to allow each individual audience member to be both a part of the whole and at the same time affect them on a personal level. 

  • To capture and illuminate emotional and psychic imagery, by tapping into those triggers to our past that we all carry with us.

  • To create moments that can be at once both profound and profane, where one may find humor another may find pathos. 

  • To give voice and physical life to these disparities of the human condition. 

  • To provide a safe space for exploration that encourages actors to try new approaches forging a  more realized sense of ownership in the creative process. 

  • To curate artists from different disciplines to make sure our mission is carried out.

  • To break down the fourth wall engaging the audience, making them more active participants.  

  • To give the audience back their imaginations.