Join us for our first reading of 2017!

Patient Lover Friend

Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall, 239 Thompson Street, NYC

Monday, January 23, 2017 at 7:00pm


Written by Thom Fogarty / Directed by Thom Fogarty

CAST includes:  Daniel Abeles*, Zayn Alexander, Lulu Fogarty*, Washington Kirk*, Tony Perry *, AJ Taylor and Lance Coadie Williams*


The first reading of this new play by Thom Fogarty, PATIENT LOVER FRIEND, has been lifetimes in the making. It is about life and love in the early days of the AIDS epidemic. With moments that are both painfully intimate and aggressively profane, PLF takes us on a journey through the days of joy and heady living which led to a horror that changed the future of this city, this country, indeed the world. It plays with structure, blending realism with expressionism, in a multi-scene format, that builds to a climax both harsh and tender.

Fogarty arrived at this concept drawing on his years as a dancer/choreographer. A dance concert or ballet, offers an entire evening created from many smaller self-contained dances that all lead to a particular mood and feeling. He set out to do that with this work. Each scene can stand alone, but when compiled, the scenes create a visceral piece that is a moving tribute to a life lived during a sexual wartime.