Image design (c) Ted Dawson


Written and Directed by Thom Fogarty

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Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002

November 16, 2018 @ 10pm

PATIENT LOVER FRIEND has been lifetimes in the making.

It is about living, loving and dying in the early days of the AIDS epidemic. With moments that are both painfully intimate and aggressively profane, PLF takes us on a journey through the days of joy and heady living which led to a horror that changed the future of New York City, the country, indeed the world. I was there at the heart of it all, as a member of ACTUP and the inner circle of Larry Kramer. I was a witness.

PLF  plays with structure, blending realism with expressionism, in a multi-scene format, that builds to a climax both harsh and tender.

I arrived at the concept of PLF drawing on my years as a dancer/choreographer. A dance concert or ballet, offers an entire evening, often created from many smaller self-contained dances that all lead to a particular mood and feeling. The scenes can be ordered and reordered to suit the company producing it. You can truly take the audience on a different and unique journey with every performance. Each scene can stand alone, but when compiled, the scenes create a visceral piece that is a moving tribute to a life lived during a sexual wartime.

Cast of 6 plays 33 roles and should be ethnically and sexually diverse.